What is Geometry Dash?

By now it is more than likely that the vast majority of you have heard of Geometry Dash at some point. Perhaps many of you already know what it is about, but some of you may not yet be aware of what this phenomenon is that, in recent months, has become so popular in the field of apps and games for mobile devices. That is why in this article we will try to explain in a simple and easy way what Geometry Dash consists of and what are its main characteristics and qualities that have made it so popular.

Well, Geometry Dash is a game for smartphones and tablets that has versions for the main current operating systems, such as Android or iOS (the one used by Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad), and that we can even also enjoy on other devices such as the PC. It is a platform game in which we have to overcome levels showing our ability to jump from platform to platform, but along the way we will find many obstacles that will try to make things difficult for us. But … What is special about this game mega hack v6 free?

When a game becomes as popular as Geometry Dash has, there are often powerful reasons behind it. In this case, we believe that there are several factors that have been key to its success. First of all the originality of its shapes and its appearance, the game presents a very retro look based on angular and polygonal shapes.

Secondly, the prominence of the music, or rather the rhythm, since we have to jump from one platform to another following the rhythm set by the music of the game. Finally, as a third important aspect for the success of this game (although there are many more) we can mention the community behind it and that allows all its members to create new levels in Geometry Dash for free mega hack, which gives a great breadth of possibilities new to the game.

Roblox more and more successful, GTA V with umpteenth spring – sales in May 2020

The 14-year-old Roblox is becoming an ever greater success on PC and mobile devices, while the games milestone GTA V is experiencing its umpteenth spring on consoles. Let’s add League of Legends, which still sits on the PC throne, the premiere of Minecraft Dungeons in the charts or the stable sales of World of Warcraft and we almost have them, the top-selling games in May 2020. KRNL free script executor roblox 2020

New month, new luck. Or at least new sales analyzes from Superdata for the past few weeks. As usual, the report for May 2020 includes the top 10 most successful games in the mobile, PC and console sectors.  Before we present you the rankings, we have the most important observations for you:

  • Even if there were hardly any major new releases in May 2020, sales in the games industry continued to be very high during the corona pandemic . While digital revenues in the console sector fell 27 percent compared to April, this was almost completely offset by growth in mobile sales – total sales were 10.2 billion US dollars, only three percent less than in April Previous month. Compared to May 2019, sales in May 2020 were 14 percent higher.
  • GTA V just doesn’t get old. In the Epic Games Store, the rock star hit was offered free of charge for a few days in May , increasing the number of players on the PC by 245 percent (!) Compared to the previous month. The campaign also had a positive effect on the sales figures. But Rockstar continued to make almost four times as much money on the consoles with GTA V, which is enough for a remarkable second place in the charts.
  • The biggest May release is Minecraft Dungeons. Almost 1.8 million players are said to have tried the action role-playing game, which is certainly also due to the low price and availability via Xbox Game Pass.
  • World of Warcraft’s sales are developing positively, and the online role-playing game has climbed from 8th to 6th place in the previous month.
  • The 14-year-old Roblox is becoming an ever greater success on PC and mobile devices . In the meantime, the creative construction kit with its countless user-generated content has become indispensable in the PC (5th place) and mobile charts (3rd place) – and the title climbs up further with each month. executor krnl
  • Pokémon Go is celebrating a furious comeback in the mobile charts. If it wasn’t even enough for the top 10 in April, the AR game landed in 4th place in May. Sales are said to have increased by 60 percent compared to the previous month – thanks to the beautiful weather and more options, the game from home to be able to gamble.

Top 10 top-selling mobile games in May 2020

1) Peacekeeper Elite
2) Honor of Kings
3) Roblox
4) Pokémon Go
5) Gardenscapes
6) PUBG Mobile West
7) Candy Crush Saga
8) Coin Master
9) Last Shelter: Survival
10) AFK Arena

Top 10 best-selling PC games in May 2020

1) League of Legends
2) Dungeon Fighter Online
3) Crossfire
4) Fantasy Westward Journey Online II
5) Roblox
6) World of Warcraft West
7) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
8) Fortnite
9) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
10) World of Tanks

Top 10 best-selling console games in May 2020

1) FIFA 20
2) GTA V
3) Animal Crossing: New Horizons
4) NBA2K20
5) Fortnite
6) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
7) Final Fantasy 7 Remake
8) Madden NFL 20
9) Minecraft Dungeons
10) MLB The Show 20

Covet Fashion overview

Do you think you have style? Then prove it at Covet Fashion, the No. 1 fashion game! Build your virtual dream wardrobe by discovering and buying beloved clothes and brands. You can also get fantastic in-game prizes for your style! Transform your virtual model with amazing pieces from real world fashion brands and hundreds of unique hairstyle and makeup options. Win exclusive in-game prizes by dressing up for different style challenges and voting on the outfits of millions of other fashion lovers!

Covet fashion hack

BUY THE BEST TRENDS. They’ve teamed up with brands like Calvin Klein, Rachel Zoe and Vince Camuto to bring you your beloved fashion innovations. You’re sure to find your favorite style among more than 175 brands.

CREATE THE PERFECT OUTFIT. Choose from thousands of chic dresses and accessories as well as hairstyles and makeup for our various models to create looks for style challenges such as photo shoots, cocktail parties and the red carpet.

DECIDE WHO CONVINCES. Evaluate the others and decide what is trendy in the Covet fashion scene! Over hundreds of thousands of posts per style challenge! Do other players deserve 5 stars or not?

PLAY WITH FRIENDS. Would you like some tips on how to win with your outfit or someone to celebrate? Join a fashion house to make friends or connect to Facebook to chat about Covet Fashion.

Did you know that you can buy your favorite pieces in real life? All clothing and accessories in the game have a link to a point of sale for your real closet at home. So you can not only discover new brands and trends, you can also get them!

Tricky at the start

The first time I played this I spent all the in-game currency quickly and couldn’t see how to go forward without paying money so deleted it. Then after a few days I reinstalled and had another go and now am thoroughly addicted to it!

So here is my advice on how to play it at the start (assuming you don’t want to use real money):
You will get one free outfit (the first thing you enter), try to pick things that might be useful as a base for other outfits, this is your starting wardrobe so you want useful stuff, perhaps a black skirt or a blouse or a nice dress or formal gown – rather than items that only fit that theme.
At the start you will have little and have to try your best with the few items you have until you can get more, trying to do each contest using as little currency as possible.

Each day there is one contest that gives $500 (in-game currency) for just entering, enter that each day regardless of whether the outfit you can create fits the theme, this will let you get money to buy items and enter other contests.
At first you will probably be limited in the contests you can enter each day due to limited funds, as most require 1-3 specific items. Each contest gives $100 or $200 just for entering, if the requirements can be met with an item that is under or around the amount for entering then it is worth doing even if you don’t like the contest or can’t win, as the entry money will replace what you spend and thus you add an item to your wardrobe.
You also get 100 diamonds free each day.
Near the beginning then you are trying to build up your wardrobe – as that gets bigger you will be able to enter more contests.

Deep Freeze Standard

Computers must function reliably and be protected from manipulation. Therefore, Deep Freeze preserves the workplace and eliminates all interim changes with every restart, whether accidentally, deliberately or caused by malware. This reduces IT costs and increases productivity.

Freeze the original state

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Relieve through reduced support effort and indestructible configurations

Deep freeze standard 8.35

No more setting up computers again

With Deep Freeze, you no longer have to worry about the health and security of your computers. If something goes wrong, a restart is sufficient and the computer is returned to its original state. Pest, zero-day threats or unwanted changes are simply eliminated.

The patented technology ensures unrestricted quality of use, reliably protects computer environments and, according to our customers, reduces the number of support requests by up to 63%. Compared to other methods, no downtimes or waiting times have to be accepted for restoring an image.

Deep Freeze Standard

The ultimate protection for small and medium IT environments.

  • Patented reboot recovery technology
  • One hundred percent guaranteed reset to the original configuration
  • Protection against phishing attacks and zero-day threats
  • Thaw Space allows the targeted retention of files and documents
  • Increase the service life of your computers and reduce support costs
  • On-premises license model with optional cloud connection

With Deep Freeze Standard, management takes place directly on the respective PCs.

Complete security

Malware and cyberattacks continue to cause great damage. For this reason, you need multi-level, interlocking security measures that prevent the problem from occurring in the first place and release employees from any liability situations or blame.

Find out more about our security solutions in the webcast video, which are optionally available on-premises or cloud-based. In the cloud version, it is possible to manage several locations as well as to integrate contract partners and mobile employees.

Adult game Nutaku is now also offering VR games

VR adult games has so far not been able to significantly accelerate the breakthrough of virtual reality. Can VR sex games do more here?

Many VR enthusiasts had secretly (or not so secretly) hoped that the growth of virtual reality would be driven by adult games in a manner similar to that of the video cassette at the time. However, this hope has not been fulfilled to the extent that some would wish it to be. VR is still a niche, but one that is slowly but surely growing.

VR adult games is on the rise

How you can watch adult games with HTC Vive , Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR , we have prepared for you in our ultimate guide and the corresponding additional articles. Almost every VR glasses owner will be able to confirm that VR porn can have a certain appeal (provided it is reasonably well done). However, VR porn is usually not particularly interactive.

Nutaku gold hack tool download

VR adult games has not yet left its niche existence behind.

If we ignore the efforts of some webcam providers like CamSoda, who want to achieve “real” virtual sex with the help of sex dolls and teledildonics , the viewer usually always remains in his passive role. Sex games could fix this “shortcoming”. The adult portal Nutaku is known for adult manga and anime games , also known as hentai. This includes works that are as sonorous as they are clear, such as Kingdoms of Lust or Pussy Saga.

For a good cause: Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator

Now Nutaku is also using virtual reality for the first time and is offering two adult games for VR glasses . With the Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator, the name says it all: After a thermonuclear war, the earth has been destroyed and fewer and fewer women were born due to the radioactive contamination.

A space ark was built to find a new home for mankind and at the same time the production of artificial women was started to ensure the continued existence of mankind. In this absolutely comprehensible initial situation, the player is needed as a quality assurance expert who has to ensure the functionality of the artificial women. You probably don’t need any further description in order to be able to imagine the further content of this game.

Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator can be purchased from Nutaku’s official website for € 20 . However, the developers don’t specify which VR headsets the game supports.

Elven Love: Naughty Rituals

The second VR game of this kind is intended for elf lovers of a special kind . This is of course about ancient magic and complete immersion in mystical forest worlds and moon elves (!). Various rituals are supposed to make the elves docile.

Looks almost innocent, but it’s everything else: Elven Love: Naughty Rituals is a VR adult games. © Nutaku

Sometimes the interactions are kept very simple, but to undress the elves, players are allowed to solve at least a few puzzles . At this point in time, we do not know whether the degree of challenge is higher than opening a real bra.

Elven Love: Naughty Rituals is available on Nutaku for € 15 and should be compatible with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Nutaku customers should also be able  to pay with the cryptocurrency Verge.

Nutaku gold coin hack apk

Scope and quality questionable

We would like to point out again that both games contain explicitly sexual and in some ways interactive content. Buying a game on Nutaku is at your own risk, as the functionality and scope of the two games are not known to us .

How do you like VR sex games? Curious or stimulating? Have you already tried one of the two games? Let us know in the comments.

The adult portal Nutaku now also offers VR adult games appeared first on VR-World .