What is Geometry Dash?

By now it is more than likely that the vast majority of you have heard of Geometry Dash at some point. Perhaps many of you already know what it is about, but some of you may not yet be aware of what this phenomenon is that, in recent months, has become so popular in the field of apps and games for mobile devices. That is why in this article we will try to explain in a simple and easy way what Geometry Dash consists of and what are its main characteristics and qualities that have made it so popular.

Well, Geometry Dash is a game for smartphones and tablets that has versions for the main current operating systems, such as Android or iOS (the one used by Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad), and that we can even also enjoy on other devices such as the PC. It is a platform game in which we have to overcome levels showing our ability to jump from platform to platform, but along the way we will find many obstacles that will try to make things difficult for us. But … What is special about this game mega hack v6 free?

When a game becomes as popular as Geometry Dash has, there are often powerful reasons behind it. In this case, we believe that there are several factors that have been key to its success. First of all the originality of its shapes and its appearance, the game presents a very retro look based on angular and polygonal shapes.

Secondly, the prominence of the music, or rather the rhythm, since we have to jump from one platform to another following the rhythm set by the music of the game. Finally, as a third important aspect for the success of this game (although there are many more) we can mention the community behind it and that allows all its members to create new levels in Geometry Dash for free mega hack, which gives a great breadth of possibilities new to the game.

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