Roblox more and more successful, GTA V with umpteenth spring – sales in May 2020

The 14-year-old Roblox is becoming an ever greater success on PC and mobile devices, while the games milestone GTA V is experiencing its umpteenth spring on consoles. Let’s add League of Legends, which still sits on the PC throne, the premiere of Minecraft Dungeons in the charts or the stable sales of World of Warcraft and we almost have them, the top-selling games in May 2020. KRNL free script executor roblox 2020

New month, new luck. Or at least new sales analyzes from Superdata for the past few weeks. As usual, the report for May 2020 includes the top 10 most successful games in the mobile, PC and console sectors.  Before we present you the rankings, we have the most important observations for you:

  • Even if there were hardly any major new releases in May 2020, sales in the games industry continued to be very high during the corona pandemic . While digital revenues in the console sector fell 27 percent compared to April, this was almost completely offset by growth in mobile sales – total sales were 10.2 billion US dollars, only three percent less than in April Previous month. Compared to May 2019, sales in May 2020 were 14 percent higher.
  • GTA V just doesn’t get old. In the Epic Games Store, the rock star hit was offered free of charge for a few days in May , increasing the number of players on the PC by 245 percent (!) Compared to the previous month. The campaign also had a positive effect on the sales figures. But Rockstar continued to make almost four times as much money on the consoles with GTA V, which is enough for a remarkable second place in the charts.
  • The biggest May release is Minecraft Dungeons. Almost 1.8 million players are said to have tried the action role-playing game, which is certainly also due to the low price and availability via Xbox Game Pass.
  • World of Warcraft’s sales are developing positively, and the online role-playing game has climbed from 8th to 6th place in the previous month.
  • The 14-year-old Roblox is becoming an ever greater success on PC and mobile devices . In the meantime, the creative construction kit with its countless user-generated content has become indispensable in the PC (5th place) and mobile charts (3rd place) – and the title climbs up further with each month. executor krnl
  • Pokémon Go is celebrating a furious comeback in the mobile charts. If it wasn’t even enough for the top 10 in April, the AR game landed in 4th place in May. Sales are said to have increased by 60 percent compared to the previous month – thanks to the beautiful weather and more options, the game from home to be able to gamble.

Top 10 top-selling mobile games in May 2020

1) Peacekeeper Elite
2) Honor of Kings
3) Roblox
4) Pokémon Go
5) Gardenscapes
6) PUBG Mobile West
7) Candy Crush Saga
8) Coin Master
9) Last Shelter: Survival
10) AFK Arena

Top 10 best-selling PC games in May 2020

1) League of Legends
2) Dungeon Fighter Online
3) Crossfire
4) Fantasy Westward Journey Online II
5) Roblox
6) World of Warcraft West
7) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
8) Fortnite
9) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
10) World of Tanks

Top 10 best-selling console games in May 2020

1) FIFA 20
2) GTA V
3) Animal Crossing: New Horizons
4) NBA2K20
5) Fortnite
6) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
7) Final Fantasy 7 Remake
8) Madden NFL 20
9) Minecraft Dungeons
10) MLB The Show 20

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