Covet Fashion overview

Do you think you have style? Then prove it at Covet Fashion, the No. 1 fashion game! Build your virtual dream wardrobe by discovering and buying beloved clothes and brands. You can also get fantastic in-game prizes for your style! Transform your virtual model with amazing pieces from real world fashion brands and hundreds of unique hairstyle and makeup options. Win exclusive in-game prizes by dressing up for different style challenges and voting on the outfits of millions of other fashion lovers!

Covet fashion hack

BUY THE BEST TRENDS. They’ve teamed up with brands like Calvin Klein, Rachel Zoe and Vince Camuto to bring you your beloved fashion innovations. You’re sure to find your favorite style among more than 175 brands.

CREATE THE PERFECT OUTFIT. Choose from thousands of chic dresses and accessories as well as hairstyles and makeup for our various models to create looks for style challenges such as photo shoots, cocktail parties and the red carpet.

DECIDE WHO CONVINCES. Evaluate the others and decide what is trendy in the Covet fashion scene! Over hundreds of thousands of posts per style challenge! Do other players deserve 5 stars or not?

PLAY WITH FRIENDS. Would you like some tips on how to win with your outfit or someone to celebrate? Join a fashion house to make friends or connect to Facebook to chat about Covet Fashion.

Did you know that you can buy your favorite pieces in real life? All clothing and accessories in the game have a link to a point of sale for your real closet at home. So you can not only discover new brands and trends, you can also get them!

Tricky at the start

The first time I played this I spent all the in-game currency quickly and couldn’t see how to go forward without paying money so deleted it. Then after a few days I reinstalled and had another go and now am thoroughly addicted to it!

So here is my advice on how to play it at the start (assuming you don’t want to use real money):
You will get one free outfit (the first thing you enter), try to pick things that might be useful as a base for other outfits, this is your starting wardrobe so you want useful stuff, perhaps a black skirt or a blouse or a nice dress or formal gown – rather than items that only fit that theme.
At the start you will have little and have to try your best with the few items you have until you can get more, trying to do each contest using as little currency as possible.

Each day there is one contest that gives $500 (in-game currency) for just entering, enter that each day regardless of whether the outfit you can create fits the theme, this will let you get money to buy items and enter other contests.
At first you will probably be limited in the contests you can enter each day due to limited funds, as most require 1-3 specific items. Each contest gives $100 or $200 just for entering, if the requirements can be met with an item that is under or around the amount for entering then it is worth doing even if you don’t like the contest or can’t win, as the entry money will replace what you spend and thus you add an item to your wardrobe.
You also get 100 diamonds free each day.
Near the beginning then you are trying to build up your wardrobe – as that gets bigger you will be able to enter more contests.

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