Deep Freeze Standard

Computers must function reliably and be protected from manipulation. Therefore, Deep Freeze preserves the workplace and eliminates all interim changes with every restart, whether accidentally, deliberately or caused by malware. This reduces IT costs and increases productivity.

Freeze the original state

Restore simply by restarting

Protect against malware & zero-day attacks and configuration changes

Relieve through reduced support effort and indestructible configurations

Deep freeze standard 8.35

No more setting up computers again

With Deep Freeze, you no longer have to worry about the health and security of your computers. If something goes wrong, a restart is sufficient and the computer is returned to its original state. Pest, zero-day threats or unwanted changes are simply eliminated.

The patented technology ensures unrestricted quality of use, reliably protects computer environments and, according to our customers, reduces the number of support requests by up to 63%. Compared to other methods, no downtimes or waiting times have to be accepted for restoring an image.

Deep Freeze Standard

The ultimate protection for small and medium IT environments.

  • Patented reboot recovery technology
  • One hundred percent guaranteed reset to the original configuration
  • Protection against phishing attacks and zero-day threats
  • Thaw Space allows the targeted retention of files and documents
  • Increase the service life of your computers and reduce support costs
  • On-premises license model with optional cloud connection

With Deep Freeze Standard, management takes place directly on the respective PCs.

Complete security

Malware and cyberattacks continue to cause great damage. For this reason, you need multi-level, interlocking security measures that prevent the problem from occurring in the first place and release employees from any liability situations or blame.

Find out more about our security solutions in the webcast video, which are optionally available on-premises or cloud-based. In the cloud version, it is possible to manage several locations as well as to integrate contract partners and mobile employees.

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